Top Five Rigid Inflatable Boats on The Market

Almost ready to take a dive into purchasing a rigid inflatable boat? Now, it’s really just about which one to choose, right? This article is designed to help boaters seek the right inflatable boat, and which ones are the best in the world. It would be easy to choose the most expensive ones and call it a day, but we want to offer up the top five options that are hitting lots of marks on quality, design, and affordability. Keep reading because we are about to reveal the best brands on the market.

  1. BRIG Boats – Taking the number one spot (and not just because this article is found here) are BRIG boats. These vessels are earning top nods in the marine industry from marine experts and buyers who have the first-hand experience with these vessels. BRIG boats have become the number one selling boat in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Holland, and Australia. Marine pros appreciate their versatility, while buyers compliment how style and engineering combine to create a great product. BRIG has a serious line up of vessels that start with tenders and work their way up to a 33-foot inflatable option that boaters can cook and sleep on.
  2. Ribcraft Boats – These vessels are designed to go the distance and excel in offshore conditions. Ribcraft serves both the emergency, commercial and recreational spaces with a fleet that caters to each in its own unique way or capacity. For boaters who live in extreme areas or near lots of rough water, these boats are made to handle the toughest conditions. Professionals who spend their days on the water will genuinely appreciate Ribcraft design and durability.
  3. Walker Bay Boats – The Marine industry is taking note as to what Walker bay is doing and how they are targeting specific buyers. Those looking for a smaller boat experience may really like the Walker Bay boats. They make a center-console style vessel along with a series of tenders for comfortable back and forth transport. Walker Bay says they innovate their boats to last and get quality feedback about the on-water experience with their watercraft. Boaters will find features like roto-molded hulls, gear lockers, teak finishes and a cooler locker for a long day on the water.
  4. Zar Formenti – Established in 1979, Formenti has always produced inflatable boats and today, the ZAR by Formenti boats are present on the main European markets. Zar boats feature rubberized parts with high-tenacity polyester fabric and CR coating, proven to be a reliable inflatable boat with versatile range, easy to use at sea and very comfortable. Currently, the company utilizes CNC (computer numerical control) machines to ensure the precision of prototypes, molds, full size and on scale.
  5. Zodiac Boats – Zodiac boats have made a name in the marine industry by offering great vessels at reasonable price-points. Most models feature a low center of gravity and a deep V-Hull design for a better onboard ride. The buoyancy design is on the outside edges of the vessel to complement the V-hull engineering giving Zodiac vessels great stability.

BRIG boats welcome new friends to a showroom to see the new line up of boats this season. You can view the options online and then start a dialogue with one of our knowledgeable distributors in person.