The Rigid Inflatable Boat – Choose Your Lifestyle Adventure

The possibilities are endless, right? There are so many (maybe too many) boat options to choose from these days making it harder than ever to find the proper vessel. People will spend months trying to come up with the right boat only to sit on the fence hoping they don’t invest in the wrong one. BRIG can empathize because we are boat people too, and we know how hard it is to find the right package wrapped in the perfect watercraft.

Ready to have a little fun? We are going to help our fellow boaters on how to identify what kind of rigid inflatable boat most suits them. This doesn’t have to be complicated, the most complicated part should be where to take your BRIG next! Let’s get started.

What Body of Water Will the Boat Be On?

This is a great question to start with because it narrows the options right out of the gate. A small lake boat has a totally different purpose than an offshore vessel. Determine where the vessel will spend most of its time.

What Activities Will Be Taking Place on the Rigid Inflatable Boat?

Some people want a vessel that can do it all, but others are far more specific which helps narrow down the selections. This will help determine the size and power the vessel needs to have to take the captain and crew on the right kind of adventure.

How Many People Are We Talking?

This is where many boaters get hung up when purchasing smaller watercraft (less than 30-feet). Some feel they need to be able to throw a major party on the vessel, but be as realistic as possible. Look at the overall lifestyle, family structure, and favorite activities of the majority to nail down the kind of boats that will accommodate the expectations.

Due to the buoyancy of the tubes, BRIG rigid inflatable boats offer a virtually unsinkable platform that outperforms most types of watercrafts today.  As such, USCG capacity rating is higher for an inflatable than a similar sized hard-sided boat. Thus, BRIG boats can also take more people.

Ride and handling far exceed those of traditional boats, making BRIG Rigid Intelligent Boats the first choice for rescue operations, heavy weather, law enforcement, fishing, sailing, exploration, etc. From luxury boats and megayachts to simple sailing dinghies, BRIG has the right boat for your budget and size.

Are BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boats Fuel Efficient?

 BRIG rigid inflatable boats are extremely lightweight because of their inflatable siding and laminate hull construction, especially when compared to hard-sided boats. This not only increases the fuel efficiency of our models, but also greatly increases our boats’ carrying capacity.

The lightweight construction of our BRIG boats make them more fuel-efficient than other types of vessels. It takes less power to get our boats up to speed and you can get up on plane faster and with less energy — this increases your range and means you can get more work done with the same amount of gas.

If you use you RIB for a passenger-oriented business like touring or whale watching, cutting down on your fuel costs has an instant and extremely positive impact on your profits. Fuel is often the largest expense for commercial boating operations, and RIBs are an excellent way to cut costs without sacrificing functionality.

Name The Amenities

Before the inevitable “it should have it all” comes rolling off the lips, really consider coming up with the top list of amenities the vessel should have to be ideal. Fishermen will need totally different options than a speed boat that can tow uncle Billy on his retro water skis. Does the vessel need to have just enough room suitable for quick trips, or will it require a space to set the kids down for a nap?

Getting The Right BRIG Boat

Here are some basic suggestions that may get a buyer looking at the right vessel. A couple of friends who are getting together for some riverboat fishing and some peace and quiet may find the BRIG Navigator 485 will offer a stable, on water experience for up to four (maybe 2 or 3 fishing) with an open bow design and a rear arch to add fishing poles to. Families might enjoy the Navigator 570 with an open seating plan, and a boat dedicated to safety. Cruise from destination to destination or lounge onboard and send the kids overboard for some swimming. Finally, for party goers or large families, we suggest the Eagle 8. This vessel is made to cruise and lounge on with bimini T-Top, swim platform and ladder and tons of storage space.

One of the best things about the BRIG rigid inflatable boats is that they can all be customized depending on preferences and what it needs to do. Talk to retailer today to start your BRIG’s journey and let us welcome you to the family.