The BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boat – A Speed Check

An inflatable boat can’t go that fast, right? Well, sure, if you’re talking about a standard inflatable vessel. A BRIG boat is a whole other story. Inflatable vessels are known for their drag, as they are typically made of  synthetic rubber and other similar materials and aren’t really seen as a vessel built for speed. Inflatables are usually made for a “purpose” and less for fun.

The BRIG vessel completely turns that concept on its side and has turned a rigid inflatable boat into a vessel to replace other watercraft like center consoles and pontoons. A BRIG boat is made to glide and skim the surface of the water while keeping everyone on board stable, safe and dry. BRIG’s rigid inflatable boats can go as fast as the horsepower you place on them.

BRIG boats can be used to take it slow and island hop or used to pull wakeboarders with a significant payload. That is the beauty of BRIG, outfit it depending on what kind of adventure is desired, and choose a vessel that best suits your on water lifestyle.

BRIG Speed Technology

BRIG boats were developed by aero, and hydrodynamic principles brought to life by engineers and marine designers. They are not only designed to be nice to look at but also incredibly efficient and fast (if that’s your thing). Each vessel is hand built and trimmed with exceptional materials for durability, safety, and a smooth ride. BRIG boats are checked over and over throughout the build process to ensure each step is marked for quality control. Let’s take a sneak peek at what BRIG has to offer in two different types of vessels.

The BRIG Eagle 5

This vessel is something right out of a movie, where you expect to see James Bond emerge as he outruns a water chase with bad guys. Yes, the vessel is really that beautiful. This BRIG Eagle 5 is a compact performance boat designed with a taste for luxury style and comfort. It has a 2090 maximum payload with a 115-max power option. The vessel holds 26-gallons of fuel which will take you around the island and back again. This boat can be a sophisticated way from megayacht to pier or outfitted for waterskiing.

The BRIG Falcon 480

In contrast, let’s take a look at the BRIG Falcon 480 since this is a minimalistic style boat that can be outfitted to be whatever the adventure the boater desires. It has a maximum payload of 2645 with maximum power at 75. This Falcon is the largest option in the Falcon lineup making room for up to 9-people onboard. Since the vessel is still smaller in scale, it’s a great option to not have any mooring limitations for your day on the water.

We invite our fellow boaters to take a look at our models online to learn which option will best serve them and the experience they want on the water. After that, stop by a showroom and learn more about the vessel from our experienced professionals.