The BRIG Eagle – Performance and Luxury In One Package

BRIG has been developing watercraft for a long time now, and through those decades we have learned a lot about what performs on the water, what doesn’t and most importantly, what our customers want. When we developed the Eagle lineup, the goal was to bridge high-performance sports quality with luxury trims and amenities. We know this will sound somewhat confident but, we may have just nailed that. Reviewers and customers all over the world are just as excited about the Eagle collection as we are.

The Eagle Mission
Create a lightweight, sleek machine that is low maintenance and can seat an impressive passenger list in luxury. The Eagle design aims to create a comfortable place for family and friends to spend time on the water; also an impressive package to treat coworkers and clients with. This collection comes in a variety of options and lengths and can be outfitted in dozens of ways according to what the buyer is looking for. Ready to meet the entire Eagle Line up?

The Eagle 340 – This is BRIG’s smallest model in the Eagle family and is a luxury tender that is aesthetically appealing offering plenty of space for up to four passengers. Shuttling guests from boat to bay is a breeze with the signature V-hull design that can cut through some pretty tough wave action. For such a small vessel, boaters will be pleased to know that the extra-wide tubes create a water blocking ride, so everyone stays dry aboard. It’s 11.2-feet long and almost 5.10-feet at the beam and even has storage space to keep personal items safe.

The Eagle 380 – The 380 is a vessel that can take on one more passenger than the 340 model and give everyone aboard just a little more space. The maximum payload of this vessel is 1540 pounds making ideal for those transporting provisions or material back and forth. While it’s designed to work, it is also an excellent fit for those who love to explore when they reach a destination. The vessel can be towed with a front bow ring, and it can also do the towing, with a water skier firmly attached to the ski towing eyes.

The Eagle 650 – Just how far could a boater go on this model? Well, with a 53-gallon gas tank, chances are pretty far. Some of the more unique features of this boat include a glove box. Snack-times with kids will be more comfortable with the foldable table, or perhaps it will be a date night, and that table can be filled with cocktails instead. Don’t forget your wakeboard gear, the 21-foot waterski eye can tow friends and family for a great day on the water. We recommend 150 hp, but it can take up to 225 hp if speed is the priority.

The Eagle 5 – Equipped to act as a tender for the mega yacht owner, but completely at ease for those seeking a sports performance-based runabout. The square bow and extra-wide tubes ensure safety first and comfort, in a close second. Seven people can find a place on board, and it’s built with an extended bow for those who wish to sunbathe while aboard.

The Eagle 8 – A roomier Eagle model not only allows seating for up to 11-16 people but also has to some signature features that can’t be missed. With a maximum payload 4270-pounds and just over 26.5-feet long, you can also add a foldable stainless steel ladder with platform, bimini T-Top, fresh water shower, removable table and more.

The Eagle 10 – Who knew that an inflatable could offer overnight accommodations, such as fridge, sink, shower, table, swim platform, foldable ladder and more? BRIG has turned the rigid inflatable boat industry on its side with this model. Known now as a flagship vessel that can be outfitted with twin engines to either get you where you want to go faster or add some zip in getting home before dark. As many as 20-people can turn this boat into one major party, or more simply, enjoy the stars with a double bed cabin to lay your head.

The Eagle lineup is one we are very proud of, but it’s even more impressive in person. Ready to check out this series in person? We invite you to visit a showroom today and talk to a BRIGs specialist.