Rigid Inflatable Boats

When the conversation about tenders comes up among boaters, the visuals of inflatable boats come to mind. A tender is designed to service a bigger vessel, typically, and helps passengers and guests go from larger ship to shore, for things like snorkeling, swimming, gunkholing  and more. While BRIG has smaller sized rigid inflatable boats that work great as tenders, boaters should also take a look at the larger BRIG vessels that are loaded up for fun and fast-times on the water.

Defining a BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boat

Let us take a moment and explain what a BRIG boat is and why it so different than similar (visually speaking) boats on the market. A BRIG vessel is designed to offer a smooth, powerful experience across the water while being lightweight enough to move from trailer to sea, and then to storage. An incredible amount of engineering has gone into the BRIG vessel which is one of the main characteristics that sets this vessel apart from similar boats. While the vessel itself is inflatable, the hull of the boat is fiberglass. As you might have already guessed, this significantly increases the longevity of the boat and how durable it is.

Safety is always on the mind of BRIG which is why the engineers and design teams build boats to be durable and stable. The feeling aboard a BRIG boat is unlike any inflatable on the market, especially due to their fiberglass cone ends, which planes the boat out faster, giving owners the peace of mind they seek for their boats.

BRIG Tender VS. Full-Sized BRIG Boat

Since most boaters are all too familiar with tenders and their problems, let’s do a quick spotlight on the BRIG tender and then offer up the larger comparison to see just how far BRIG can go with a rigid inflatable boat. We should note that there are a number of models between these two bookend vessels and we invite you to peek at all of our models.

The BRIG Falcon F330HT

This is one of BRIG boat’s smallest vessels that is classified as a tender. The difference is that this tender still has a fiberglass hull. The vessel has three chambers, just under 10-feet Length Overall (LOA) and weighs about 435 pounds empty. The Falcon F330HT features anti-skid surfaces, navigation lights, one-way drainage system, and three bow towing rings. There are options as to how the boater wants to power it, which is just the start of customization for this and other BRIG vessels.

The BRIG Eagle 10

On the complete opposite end of the BRIG boat spectrum is the Eagle 10, the ultimate tow-behind inflatable boat. This is a classified cruiser style boat with a deep ridged v-hull. The vessel is designed to give every passenger a smooth dry ride that is buoyant, durable and low-maintenance. The largest seating capacity in its class, this vessel has space for twelve passengers featuring a freshwater tank, sink, comfortable seating, and can even accommodate a small fridge. The swim ladder and swim platform makes getting out of the water a breeze and also has a shower kit option for rinsing off. Finally, this vessel has a cabin with a double bed, so an overnight stay at anchor is possible. The Eagle 10 is nearly 33-feet long and can be towed behind larger vessels without the fear of damage that other vessels may be susceptible to.

Care to get up close and personal with BRIG rigid inflatable boats? We invite you to stop by one of our showrooms and allow one of our knowledgeable BRIG reps show you around our vessels. We Look forward to seeing you.