Navigator 520 Gauges


Made for Family-Fun

More compact than its larger brethren, this 17-foot rigid inflatable boat still has the 90.5-inch beam that makes any vessel in the Navigator series so readily recognizable.

The Navigator 520 is the perfect family leisure RIB. Similar to other RIBs in the Navigator lineup, the Navigator 520 features the familiar square bow and extra-wide tubes that boaters have come to love, which means that the vessel is well-prepared to provide a stable, smooth ride while keeping all of your passengers dry.

Expand your horizons as you spend quality time with friends and family on this 17-ft RIB boat. The Navigator 520 has comfortable seating for as many as nine adults. Whether you want to engage in water sports, cruise the shoreline or surprise your fellow boaters with a surprise picnic on a remote island, The Navigator 520 will enable you to execute your plans all day, every day.



17′ 1″


7′ 7″


750 lbs



Navigator 520

Ready for Your Biggest Adventures

Although it’s smaller than some other Navigator models, the Navigator 520 is still ready to tackle your next adventure on the water. The boat’s engine can generate up to 100 horsepower, which allows for plenty of water sports, such as tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding.

Although the Navigator 520 weighs less than 1,000 pounds when unoccupied, this capable RIB has a maximum payload rating of 2,440 pounds. With such a generous payload, this vessel isn’t just an idyllic family leisure RIB — it’s also an excellent choice if you want a support boat for a sailing fleet.

Similar to the other RIB boats we sell, the Navigator 520 is made in Europe with high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Because safety is an item of concern for many boaters, you’ll be glad to know that the Navigator 520 won’t tip, sink or damage any other boats who come into contact with it.

Navigator 520 Console

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BRIG USA is a premium quality company that sells high-end RIBs at competitive prices. When you want the best, there’s no reason to settle for anything less. No matter how high your standards are, the Navigator 520 can wow anyone looking for a family-oriented vessel.

To learn more about our extensive selection of RIBs, we encourage you to look through the premium models on our website. For more information about the Navigator 520, contact BRIG USA today.

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