Falcon Tender

Fiberglass Hull option

The water offers endless possibilities, and so does the BRIG Falcon Tender. A perfect companion to your yacht or powerboat, this RIB tender boat continues the legacy of BRIG for quality, performance and safety. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or group traveler, this rigid inflatable yacht tender will fulfill your sense of adventure, your thrill for adrenaline and your love of relaxation.

BRIG Falcon Tender Series

Escape With Family and Friends to Secret Hideaways

Give your weekends away an upgrade with the power and performance, as well as smooth riding, of the BRIG Falcon Tender. Anchor your yacht off the coast or harbor of your favorite retreat, and then hit the water with your RIB tender boat. Cruise the coastline, search for secluded beach areas and hidden coves surrounded by turquoise water, and take a dip.

Whether you’re looking for a solo or group trip, this unsinkable luxury yacht tender for sale offers comfortable seating and storage for up to nine guests, depending on your preferred model. Store your afternoon snacks or lunches, plush towels, scuba diving and water skiing gear, bags and more before heading out for your all-day getaway with the people who matter most.

Dive Deep Into Unexpected Adventures

Add spontaneity to your weekends away from the city and suburbs with experiences that spark your adrenaline and curiosity. Discover beaches free of tourists and make them your playground with your inflatable Falcon Tender boat, building sand castles with your kids, writing letters in the sand with your friends or lounging in the sun with your favorite book. Or, stay on the water with your rigid inflatable yacht tender, and dive beneath the surface, witnessing schools of fish, clusters of reefs and the rush of scuba diving.

With bright, chrome-finished navigation lights as well as tube stern end steps, you can let the time pass without worry. Explore, swim and lounge until sunset, before returning to your yacht or powerboat for a well-deserved dinner of local delights and conversation that will last well into the night as you plan your next adventure with your family and friends.

Make Your Great Escape With BRIG USA

With a lifestyle of quality, a legacy of performance and a tradition of pushing boundaries, BRIG delivers an unparalleled experience on the water. Aboard a BRIG Falcon Tender, you can embrace your love of adventure and great escapes. Make your weekend getaway a vivid memory that drives you to hit the water whenever possible with your rigid inflatable yacht tender.

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