Meet the Newest BRIG Lineup – 2019 Rigid Inflatable Boats

We are thrilled to be able to introduce our newest BRIG vessels for those who might be just learning about BRIG or those who are fans of our vessels. Our team of marine-minded engineers, alongside our aeronautical professionals, have worked relentlessly on building the best rigid inflatable boats in the marine industry for the last 27 years. The attention to performance, materials, and design make our vessels a leader in sales and style.

Let’s take a look at what everyone is excited about for the 2019 season and what BRIG is bringing to waterways near and far.

BRIG Falcon Tenders – Our tenders have all of the design features of our bigger BRIG models but compacted into a smaller watercraft for those who need a space-savvy option. Our smallest option starts at 9.8-feet and jumps up to 15.7-feet in overall length. Whether you need space for four people or up to 9-passengers, these vessels have room to grow. There are currently six different models of the Falcon Tender. They can be designed to fit the buyers’ needs whether they want a standard tender operation with outboard, or they’d like to adopt a center console inspired design. The largest in the lineup offers a beam of 6-feet wide which will give owners plenty of space to store or stock up on supplies or provisions.

BRIG Navigators – We are really excited about our Navigator lineup because these vessels are so versatile and able to serve many purposes. These boats are ideal for families because of their wider beams and a square bow for better stability and comfort aboard. These watercrafts are designed to look rugged and perform at a premium, without the premium price tag of standard fiberglass models in this size and power class. These are designed to be simple yet adaptable vessels. You can turn them into whatever your pleasure. Add fishing gear or rod holders or use the tower or arch to tow wakeboards and/or tubes There are five different Navigator models that start at 15.11 feet long and run up to 24-feet in length. These vessels seat anywhere from 8-12 passengers and are ideal for those who want a safe and secure feeling boat fit for a family.

BRIG Eagle – The BRIG Eagles are some of the most diverse in the BRIG line up because they start smaller at just 11.2-feet in length, but jump up to, 32.6-feet. This lineup of seven BRIG vessels are premium options with luxury finishes and can be customized in just about any way imaginable. There are Eagles built with various seating layouts, power options, and even the trims and color to make it as unique as desired. These vessels are really the top cruisers of our lineup and blend performance and luxury in one package. They seat anywhere from 4-12 passengers, and the largest option also has a sleeping cabin with a double bed.

Come see what is new for 2019 at a BRIG dealer today. We welcome any and all of your questions about rigid inflatable boats and look forward to welcoming you to the BRIG family.