Four Reasons to Choose a Rigid Inflatable Boat vs. Fiberglass Boat

The time of year is approaching, where boaters everywhere are scouring the internet in search of ‘the’ boat. The ideal boat has robust features that align perfectly with performance, ride, style, and safety. For boaters who are on the fence about what kind of vessel to buy this season, may we offer a little encouragement to take a look at a rigid Inflatable boat over a standard fiberglass option?

Sure, we might be a little partial since we do, in fact, make these types of boats. However, hear us out and take a look at the top four reasons we believe a rigid inflatable boat deserves a place in your future boating adventures.

1. Easy to Maneuver and Safe – Rigid inflatables are lightweight, which makes them very responsive to move around in. They offer a precise boating experience making them a top choice for boating areas that tend to be busier. Owners will appreciate how easy this style boat is to dock, which is complemented by the inflatable sides that act as the perfect fenders in less than ideal conditions. An inflatable with a V-hull has optimal water displacement giving the captain a driving experience with more control. Control equals safety, combine that with an inflatable collar, and the captain can feel good about placing their whole family aboard.

2. Powerful and Stable – The designs of rigid inflatable boats allow the vessel to take on more powerful motors. After all, these vessels are so often found in emergency boats because they need to be able to power through everything. The lightweight design means the vessel isn’t going to need as much horsepower as the regular fiberglass boat. The rigid hull of these boats offers the stability that very few fiberglass counterparts can offer. Many marine professionals say that these boats are just about unsinkable. Even at speed, the rigid inflatable boat provides a stable ride as skims the surface with enough density and power to keep it at low gravity.

3. Fuel Efficient* (add data from Honda/BRIG)– The lighter the vessel, the less fuel it will consume. An inflatable style vessel is going to make a significant impact on the owner’s wallet, in fuel cost alone. The vessel takes less fuel to get up to speed which increases the distance offering longer days on the water.

4. Usability – There is no contest when it comes to the variety of uses this kind of vessel has compared to regular fiberglass models. An inflatable can do the work of titans and offer military or emergency responders the tool they need to get their job done. The design of rigid inflatable boats makes for a comfortable ride since the collar can absorb much of the impact that conditions on the ocean can produce. With a more narrow hull, there is less surface area for water to toss the vessel around.

Don’t take our word for it, check out a BRIG vessel for yourself at an upcoming event. We would love to have a bigger conversation about our boats in person and welcome boaters to a showroom to check out the 2019 models. Come by and talk to a BRIG specialist and let us welcome you to the BRIG family.