Five Reasons BRIG is the Number One RIB Brand in the World

Boaters who are unaware of the BRIG brand may not know some of the attributes that make their rigid inflatable boats a force in the industry. These attributes have only come to pass after years and years of innovation, trials, development, and a “try again” mentality. When others said it couldn’t be done, the team at BRIG said, “watch us.” With a team of engineers and marine-minded professionals, the BRIG team created a product line that few can match. With more than 20-boat models, all of which have countless options, it’s no wonder why BRIG has become the number one selling RIB boat in the world. Here is a peek behind the curtain as to what makes BRIG boats, every boater’s dream.

BRIG Design – The BRIG boat designs are based on merging superior materials with innovative ideas. BRIG knows their clients want a high-performance vessel that is easy on the eyes but functions like a well-oiled machine. Each vessel has been tried and tested to ensure it moves through the water seamlessly as it claims to do, offering an exceptional experience for both the captain and the crew. All the designs lead with safety and create a stable environment unexpected from an inflatable style vessel. The deep V-hull offers optimal water displacement and creates pinpoint control for maneuvering in busy or tight spaces.

BRIG Technology – It isn’t every day when ex-military and aeronautical engineers get together to use hydrodynamics to create a product together. With so much knowledge and experience at the forefront of BRIG technology, it’s only natural to conclude, you’re getting the best in the industry. Every nook of a BRIG boat is engineered to function in a highly specific way. From seat layouts to engine performance and gel coat.

BRIG Craftsmanship – BRIG boats are hand-crafted by our engineers under one roof, not manufactured on an assembly line offsite, and none of our materials or components are built by other companies. The only caveat to this is our engine/power partners. This means that when a boat is delivered to a client, it’s been meticulously built and created specifically to meet the expectation of its new owner. The materials used to construct the inflatables are hand-picked by the design and engineering teams to ensure they can live up to the features that BRIG is so well known for. Further, when a BRIG boat leaves for its destination, it has been inspected multiple times through a series of tests and processes to ensure it can hold the BRIG title and reputation.

BRIG Price – Finding the right watercraft for the price point can be challenging, however, with BRIG boats there are many options. Whether you want to spend less than $3,000 or have a bigger budget of around $100,000+, BRIG makes vessels to support various watercraft budgets. The best part, you will not sacrifice quality simply because you purchase a smaller boat. Our compact vessels are made from the very same materials as our luxury lineup bigger models and are built for peak performance.

BRIG Versatility – Finally, BRIG boats are versatile and accommodate just about any onboard mission. Mega Yacht owners appreciate the ability to complement their yachts by finding a transport BRIG boat to look and perform similarly to that of their larger vessels. Our tender owners love how mobile their BRIG boat allows them to get from place to place with plenty of power and stability in a small vessel. Whether you’re an owner of waterfront property or a luxury yacht for cruising the world, the addition of a BRIG expands your travel possibilities.

Have we convinced you yet? Don’t take our word for it, just stop by a BRIG dealer today to learn more and have all your questions answered. We look forward to welcoming you to the BRIG family.