Five Benefits of a BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boat

Boaters who are new to BRIG boats may not be aware of all of the elements that make a BRIG, well, a BRIG. Our boats offer a superior experience on the water, but it would be helpful to know the “why” behind that kind of claim. Right? In this article, we will break down the top benefits of choosing BRIG for a rigid inflatable boat, and why they get such great reviews.

Before we jump right in, our new friends should know that our boats all come from the factory in Europe and are distributed worldwide. Founded by aeronautical engineer Slava Rodionov nearly 28 years ago, BRIG Boats are now sold in more than 60 countries through an exclusive distributor network. Today, they are some of the top-selling boats in places like Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Alright, onto the list!

Performance and Ride – Rigid inflatable boats are the new way to explore the water and offer a new onboard experience. These vessels are strategically designed to absorb the impact of waves to make for a smoother ride inside the watercraft. The lightweight nature of a RIB can be a benefit depending on the conditions on the water making water impacts on waves less jolting. BRIG boats, in particular, are capable of making tight maneuvers which can be helpful when navigating rougher water.

Low Maintenance – We love that rigid inflatable boats are easy to maintain by comparison to fiberglass styles. While we can certainly appreciate all the polishing and waxing efforts, it’s our mission at BRIG to give clients a boat they can rinse off, fuel up, and take off. The simplicity of onboard systems also makes ownership a real bonus eliminating complex systems from the equation which can be frustrating to deal with or time-consuming. BRIG vessels have special features that make maintenance and clean up easy, such as the self-draining decks.

Hand Made EngineeringBRIG engineering and design come from a team of ex-military and aeronautical minds who tried, tested, developed and created inflatable boats to serve a diverse pool of people. Each vessel is hand-made and goes through a robust efficiency and quality assessment before ever heading to its destination. The boats are made from the highest quality materials that work together to offer owners a top-notch on-water experience.

Longevity and Durability – We mentioned the materials, but did you know that between the materials is a solid design plan? The structure of vessels are made of tubes with chambers. These chambers are designed to ensure safety in the event one fails. This means, if one chamber is somehow damaged, the rest of the vessel will not find itself at the bottom of the ocean. Furthermore, the deep-V hulls are made of fiberglass to offer protections that no other inflatable can really match.

More Room and Features – BRIG makes models of boats for just about everyone. No matter what the preference, small-scale to a larger sea-worthy vessel, BRIG has boats to spread out and relax (maybe even sleep) on that many don’t anticipate in a rigid inflatable boat style. The minimalist options offer owners powerful workhorse mobility while other vessels have bells and whistles like fresh water tanks, shower kits, refrigerators, sinks and so much more.

We invite our fellow boaters to a BRIG distributor to discover why these boats are taking the marine industry by storm. Our sales professionals can help identify which BRIG is the best option depending on what kind of activities are on the captain’s mind. Have a look at the models on our website to start the experience, then, find a retailer to get up close and personal with a BRIG boat.