Fish From a Top of the Line BRIG Boat

One of the world’s favorite pastimes is fishing, and at BRIG we are totally on board with that sentiment. While our boats are known for zipping around from point to point, they also make incredible fishing boats. That might be harder to imagine in an inflatable style boat, but many of our customers use our boats for fishing, confirming what we know to be true, BRIG boats are just as qualified to fish from as other fiberglass models. BRIG has the desired features of most fishing boats, and then some. Curious to know why? Keep reading to learn about some of the features on our vessels that will support any future fishing adventures.

Features Fit for Fishing

Power – BRIG boats are made to provide power and maneuvering to get to some of the hard to reach fishing destinations both for freshwater and saltwater fishing. The rigid inflatable boats can power upriver at top speeds or power through rougher surf for those who want to use the vessels in open water or saltwater intercoastal waterways. Power is even more critical if you’re trying to catch powerful fish. You’ll need a boat that can wear a fish out if it’s too powerful to bring aboard immediately.

Low Profile – The BRIG design is ideal for fishing due to the vessel’s lower profile and its open, un-obstructed layout. Our BRIG Navigators, in particular, have square bows that offer more interior room for passengers and those who need to stand in that area to line in a fish.

Size of Brig Boats – BRIG offers so many different size options, there really is something for everyone. Smaller lake and river fishermen will appreciate our incredibly agile and mobile smaller vessels such as the BRIG Falcon Tender. Those who need a bigger vessel to take on open water and intercoastal waters will likely appreciate the larger BRIG Navigator Series, as well as the BRIG Eagle lineup.

Storage Aboard – BRIG can tackle the fisherman’s tackle. With all kinds of storage lockers and compartments, BRIG boats make great options for those who have gear that needs to be stowed or secured. Some of our vessels can be equipped with refrigerators and cold storage compartments so everyone onboard can stow their catch or bait. Buyers who go for our larger Eagle vessels can even outfit their boat with sink and cutting surfaces making it somewhat of an on-water paradise for anglers.

High Ticket Features – Premium fishing boats come with some pretty impressive fishing features, and we are proud to say BRIG boats have some of those as well. There are anchor lockers so fishermen can anchor out in peace without being on the move. As per USCG requirements, every model is equipped with navigation lighting for all of those anglers who like to get up before the sun and get to their fishing posts. Also, our vessels can be outfit with cushions and bimini tops for those who plan to make it a full day onboard and need to be comfortable from the elements.

Ready to see BRIG in action for yourself? Stop by a dealership today and bring your questions. We would be happy to get your outfit for all of your future fishing expeditions.

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