Stylish, Water Sports-Oriented and Well-Equipped

The sleek and sporty Eagle 6 RIB is ideal for sports, cruising and enjoying your day on the water with friends and family. The design for this luxury cruiser is based on maximizing comfort, style, safety and fun as you enjoy time on the water.

Like the other RIB boats in the esteemed Eagle series, the Eagle 6 has a reinforced deep-V-hull, an extended waterline length, a square bow and wide tubes — which combine to provide an incredibly stable, dry ride even when the water is on the rougher side.

This 19ft boat is made to be a luxury performance sports vessel you can enjoy on any lake or in the ocean — and that’s exactly what it is. The boat has a central stern navigation mast that pulls double-duty as a convenient ski pole.

While the Eagle 6 has a sports orientation, the boat is still incredibly safe. There are smartly-placed grab rails throughout, and the boat’s tubes have anti-slip foot pads running along their full lengths for extra sure-footedness.

At just over seven feet wide and 19 feet long, this rigid hull inflatable boat has plenty of room for your water-loving companions. With a maximum payload capacity of 2,685 pounds, the boat can accommodate the gear you need to have a blast participating in your favorite water sports.



19′ 7″


7′ 11″


1213 lbs



Eagle 6

A Slightly More Compact Design That Can Fit the Whole Family

While the Eagle 6 is slightly more compact than some of the other boats in the Eagle series, it still offers plenty of room for your entire family. It has seating for eight passengers and the ability to transport up to 10 people at once. Every seat on the boat has convenient storage underneath, making it easy to stow the things you want to within arm’s reach. If you need more storage for your water sports gear, there are the four large lockers located near the central stern navigation mast/ski pole.

With a waterski towing eye that’s easy to reach, an extended bow sundeck with cushions, a foldable ladder that has a platform and much more, this sleek, sport-oriented, luxurious RIB has everything you need to have a fantastic time whenever you’re on the water.

In addition to being well-equipped with sought-after features, the Eagle 6 has many built-in characteristics that are equally laudable. The boat is fuel-efficient, a breeze to maintain and clean, and easy to navigate and park. As a sleek RIB that’s nearly impossible to sink or tip, the Eagle 6 is ideal for both families and individuals looking to maximize their time on the water.

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Made in Europe with only high-quality, durable materials, the Eagle 6 is one of the most popular boats in the Eagle lineup of luxury rigid inflatable boats. To learn more about the Eagle 6, get in touch with BRIG USA today, and browse our website for more information on our vast selection of luxury RIB vessels.



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