Introducing the Versatile, High-Spec Eagle 5

The medium-sized Eagle 5 from BRIG USA combines a compact design with superior style and comfort. While the Eagle 5 is ideally suited for being a premium tender for a larger vessel like a yacht, the boat is just as at home being on its own in the water.

The Eagle 5 is a 16ft RIB boat that’s performance-oriented and made for water sports. Being our high-spec, medium rigid inflatable boat, the Eagle 5 has a few things in common with the other vessels in the Eagle lineup. These things include a reinforced deep-V-hull, an extended waterline length, tubes that are extra wide and a square bow. These features ensure you’ll enjoy a smooth, stable, dry ride whenever you’re out and about in your Eagle 5.

Even from a distance, you can see that the Eagle 5 is different from other boats. It has a sleek-looking, low profile. The boat’s breathtaking lines make the vessel as eye-catching as it is ready to perform on the water.

At over 16 feet long and more than seven feet wide, the Eagle 5 is generously sized to hold you and up to seven guests. With comfortable seating for as many as six adult passengers, this compact performance boat is designed to easily accommodate you and your friends and family as you cruise or zip along the water’s surface.

Also, the boat’s 26-gallon fuel tank allows you to effortlessly enjoy your day on the water. With that kind of fuel capacity, you won’t have to worry about returning to the dock to refuel just as the fun is getting started.



16′ 3″


7′ 7″


915 lbs



Eagle 5

Benefits Abound With the Well-Equipped Eagle 5

This deluxe boat is built with quality and durability in mind so that you and your family can enjoy your time on the water for years to come. Like our other RIB boats, the new Eagle 5 is made in Europe with only the highest-quality, longest-lasting materials.

When you see the Eagle 5, you’ll notice that the boat’s extended bow is made to accommodate a nicely-sized sundeck. Every seat on the Eagle 5 has storage underneath it as well. This makes it easy and convenient for you to stow your personal belongings and other things onboard.

The Eagle 5 has an anti-skid deck surface, which you’ll really appreciate when the deck is slick. The smooth-riding nature that stems from the boat’s design makes getting around onboard safe even when the water is the opposite of calm. Depending on your preferences, the Eagle 5 can be outfitted with a marine compass and a freshwater shower, among other desirable features.

For More Information, Contact BRIG USA

If you’d like to learn more about our premium selection of top-quality, European-made RIB cruisers, we invite you to browse our website. For more information about the high-spec Eagle 5, contact BRIG USA today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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