Discovering BRIG – Becoming Number One in Rigid Inflatable Boat Industry

Rigid inflatable boats are taking boaters by surprise all over the world. The company aims to push boundaries and has done so since its conception. BRIG boats are at the intersection where quality meets technology with exceptional materials and innovation at their foundation. Buyers who are new to the brand may have just stumbled onto us, while others have become die-hard fans and are now part of the elite community of BRIG hand-crafted ownership. We know it would be easy to list all of the reasons why BRIG boats are a great choice, but we thought it would be better to let buyers and boat experts tell you themselves. Here is what the industry is saying about BRIG.

PropTalk – USA

Located in the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, PropTalk reviews the people and vessels that boaters love and admire. Recently, they did a review of the BRIG E780, a flagship vessel for the brand. This particular vessel was outfitted with the Honda BF 250 engine. The reviewer takes a specific interest in the “dry ride” the Eagle offers its passengers. This is due to the V-hull design which breaks up the spray before it reaches the deck spaces. That hull was also noted in the PropTalk piece as cutting through waves with ease. This was the mission. These kinds of vessels were originally built for emergency agencies to do just that, and it’s great to hear boat gurus noticing the same assets on our BRIG E780. – UK is a leader in selling boats and marine industry news. They do plenty of reviews of vessels and in this piece, they took a look at the BRIG Eagle 6. The reviewer noted the seating arrangement versatility along with some of the unsuspected features like the steps that are molded into the aft tubes to get out of the water with ease. The Eagle 6 is a fun machine and is designed for those who want to have an adventure on the water. It can be powered up to 150hp and holds 26-gallons of fuel. – International

Whether a boater is looking for a review on a boat, electronics, gear or fishing; this online destination holds the key to a lot of marine information. They recently took a sea trial on a BRIG Navigator 700/730 and learned more about the brand and performance in the process. The reviewer notes that they had a hard time finding anything they didn’t like about its performance. This was noted especially in the case of getting the vessel to plane and the lack of heel in tight, fast turns. Another asset according to the reviewer was the stability, saying that trim tabs just weren’t necessary on a boat made like the Navigator. When we get a review like this, it makes us smile, because the Navigator was designed to be a super sturdy and stable boat made especially for those who need a safe feeling watercraft. – Australia

Finally, we wanted to get one more perspective from boat experts in Australia, a country that has helped make BRIG a number one selling brand. The reviewer for the BRIG Navigator 610 spent a good bit of time talking about the materials used to build a BRIG. We spend a lot of time locating, acquiring and testing materials that go into BRIG vessels, so we appreciate that it’s being noticed. Our goal is to find the best materials and combine them in one boat for superior performance and reliability. The reviewer and his crew hopped around on the Navigator testing it through various types of waterways and conditions. The impressive turning and maneuvering was one factor the reviewer made it a point to talk about.

Well, that was fun. We know we love the BRIG brand and promise, but it’s so great to hear how well our vessels are received around the world. We hope that these reviews have inspired you to come take a look at what others are calling, some of the best RIB vessels on the market. Stop by and let’s talk about your future adventures.