Choosing the Right BRIG For a Yacht

Most yacht owners learn quickly they will need a quality tender to take them from anchor to shore. But this can’t just be any little boat – This watercraft has to meet the yacht’s size requirements, and it has to look good at the same time. Tenders are an extension of an owner’s yacht. Not just with style, but with performance as well. Since we have been serving yacht and megayacht clients for some time now, we can certainly help a yacht owner or captain learn more about choosing the right tender for their program.

In this article, we will explore some of the elements a yacht will want to consider when purchasing a tender and offer some suggestions on how to decide on the right option. Let’s get right to it.

Size and Storage

One of the first things BRIG sales support will inquire about is what size vessel a the yacht has room for, and how will the RIB be stored on the boat. If stored within the yacht, dimensions are crucial to ensure the rigid inflatable boat fits well without creating a stressful docking situation aboard. If the RIB will be stored on deck using a davit system, the measurements might have a little more flexibility but are equally essential to know, especially to accommodate maximum weight, crane capacity and swim platform, if applicable.

Alternatively, yacht owners can opt to have yacht tenders towed, which can dramatically improve the overall guest experience compared to having an inflatable boat on the sun deck. Additionally, it allows guests to anchor in one place and see the area by tender in some pretty choppy water without moving the big boat.

If you are considering a tow-behind tender, the BRIG Eagle 10 is the ultimate choice. At 33-feet long, this model can be towed behind larger yachts without the fear of damage that other vessels may be susceptible to. To learn more, visit our website at

How Will the RIB be Used?

Another factor in choosing the right RIB is getting clear about what the yacht owner wants to do with it. Is this a simple back and forth vessel used for “work” purposes, or will it be needed to take day trips away from the yacht with some additional creature comforts? Additionally, will this vessel need to entertain family and friends? If this is the case, a vessel with towing capabilities, wakeboard tower, ski tows, and similar features might be an important factor. Knowing how the boat will be used will immediately take some models off the table helping the decision-making process.

How Many People Will the Vessel Need to Accommodate?

Often, yacht tenders are seen as a point to point vessel that is needed to get provisions to the boat and perhaps take rubbish to land. However, think about what kind of lifestyle and types of adventures are in the future. Will there be trips to the beach for bonfires and if so, how many people will likely go along for the ride? Consider the age of the passengers and what kind of set up they need to stay comfortable aboard.

Pick the Power

This factor is often overlooked since destinations change all the time and new adventures can be unpredictable. Think of where the tender will spend most of its time, better yet, where will the yacht spend most of its time and what kind of conditions are “average” for that area. Are there rough seas regularly? Will this tender be used primarily in calm bays? These factors can help identify what kind of performance or handling the tender will need to possess in order to function for the environment.

Consider the Budget

Everyone wants a quality vessel that delivers value and longevity. Get clear about what kind of budget is appropriate for the tender and how long it should accompany the yacht. Some purchases are short-term which might mean that a smaller vessel is needed, but doesn’t require significant luxuries. On the other hand, this may be a lifestyle that has been planned on for decades. In that case, a yacht owner will want to maximize their budget to get a vessel that complements their larger vessel.

The BRIG lineup of yacht tenders is impressive, but you’ll have to decide for yourself on a showroom floor near you. Come discover the luxury of BRIG where innovation meets performance and safety wrapped in a sports-driven package. We look forward to learning more about what you’re seeking and hope to welcome you to BRIG boat ownership.