Center Console Boats Get an Upgrade

When ex-military, aeronautical engineers, and marine-minded designers get together; the results are remarkable. BRIG has taken what boaters love about center consoles and has wrapped those qualities in a rigid inflatable boat that is taking the industry by storm. The first time a boater sees one of these vessels they forget they are looking at an inflatable style boat. From the design down to the abundance of options, BRIG makes a boat for just about anyone.

Behind a BRIG Boat – A Peek Into the Innovation

Each BRIG boat is constructed and crafted at the European headquarters and shipped around the world to retailers and partners. This is where the design team meets the engineering teams to draw up theories, test those theories and then make it a reality. Each vessel pushes the boundaries of standard watercraft and harnesses both aero and hydrodynamic principles. All the innovation and technology that goes into these boats results in a dependable and affordable boating option.

Speaking of options; the best thing about BRIG boats are the options. While some customers are simply looking for a small tender to run from vessel to shore for provisioning, there are also other options for those who want a full-blown water adventure. The largest vessels have fresh-water tanks and can seat up to 12-people. This is why BRIG boats can compete with a center console, but also offer an incredibly easy launch and storage option that center consoles can’t compete with.

The structures of BRIG boats are made of one tube inside which you’ll find multiple chambers, while the hull of the boat is made of fiberglass. So not only are the boats lighter weight and easy to move around, but they offer durability that no other inflatable can compete with. These are seaworthy vessels that can handle many tasks. If a boater needs a work vessel to monitor water sport activities and dodge or zip between waves and currents, BRIG boats can handle the job. If a boater is looking to find the perfect vessel for their family to hop from beach to beach, again, BRIG makes that vessel too.


Why Choose A Brig Boat

There are so many options on the market; it’s understandable in how overwhelming it is to find the right boat. Customers come to BRIG for an aesthetically pleasing rigid inflatable boat that has both stability and safety features. This is coupled with a comfortable vessel where captain and crew can lounge and play, all day long. Customers also love that they can customize their vessel, from gel coat and color to seating and flooring. The hand-made attention is noticed by all BRIG owners and makes for a long-lasting vessel that can be counted on for years.


BRIG rigid inflatable boats sell at top rates in Europe; in fact, they are the biggest selling brand as well in Australia, Holland, Finland, and Sweden. America is starting to close in on the market as well, and it won’t be long before BRIG shows the US what ownership of a RIB can really look like. BRIG customer service is also a major selling point with sellers and distributors who are happy to tend to customers and their new boats. Ready to learn more about these rigid inflatable boats? We welcome boaters to the models pages to start learning more about us and then contact your closest dealer.