BRIG USA’s High-Quality Line of RIBS Competes with Hard-Sided Boats

BRIG has been producing RIBS for the international market for 28 years. “By volume, we are the largest RIB manufacturer in the world,” said Boyd Tomkies, president and CEO. “We offer a line of RIBS that competes with other hard-sided boats, which dealers can add as a new product to their offerings of fiberglass and aluminum brands. Our RIBS offer an alternative that customers like due to their smooth ride, comfort, fuel efficiency, and overall value.”

BRIG RIBS also offer dealers greater profit opportunities. “Our margins as compared to our competitors are larger,” said Tomkies. “Not only will the dealer be offering an alternative to hard-sided boats, but the margins they make on our boats surpass the hard-sided.”

BRIG USA boasts three lines of RIBS:

  • Eagle
  • Navigator
  • Falcon

The Eagle series offers a sleek and modern design. All BRIG RIBS come standard with SeaDek flooring, but the Eagle series offers additional amenities, including windlass, table, head, T-top and bimini.

The Navigator series is great for families and day-boating, with a square bow and extra-large tubes to stay dry.

Lastly, the Falcon series is a great companion for a powerboat or yacht. “It’s built with the iconic BRIG quality, so boaters will never second-guess performance or safety,” said Tomkies. “RIBS have radically evolved in the last five years, and BRIG is leading this evolution.”

A great inventory addition

BRIG’s appeal extends to dealers large and small. “Our competition is not other RIB companies, but rather traditional hard-sided watercraft such as bowriders, deck boats, pontoons, anything without tubes,” added Tomkies. “We don’t sell inflatables, we sell boats.”

BRIG RIBS are proving especially popular with big established dealers, including some top 100 dealers. “We also appeal to dealers who understand how to forecast order, how to sell large boats, who understand the importance of on-site inventory, have a F&I department and want to have an offering that makes them unique in their local market,” he said.

Advanced technology

Over the last 10 years, BRIG has invested heavily in technology to ensure that the company stays abreast of an ever-advancing market.

All BRIG RIBS are hand-built and finished to the highest standards, using only the finest U.S. and European materials. From design to build and finishing, each stage of construction is recorded and rigorously quality-checked.

Internationally known

BRIG is a global brand with the U.S. being its largest market, followed closely by Australia, the Netherlands, France, and the UK. In the overseas market, RIBS typically are sold as a recreational family boat because they are easy to transport, are fuel-efficient and are easy to maintain. They also offer an amazingly smooth ride and perform well in all conditions. “In the U.S. BRIG RIBS have been extremely popular as tenders for yachts,” said Tomkies. “However, within the last year, we have seen RIBS becoming more popular within the foreign recreational market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, due to its diverse community and foreign buyers already being familiar with RIBS.”

New products

BRIG is committed to introducing new models at regular and consistent intervals. “Given the success of our E6.7, E8 and E10 line, it appears customers are beginning to understand the value in these models,” said Tomkies. “With the E10 coming in at 33 feet, the E8 at 26 feet, and the E6.7 at 22 feet, these boats are competing and gaining market share in the most popular size ranges of the most popular boating segments.”

Dealer support

BRIG is expanding its dealer base in the U.S. and offers a substantial point of differentiation for dealers and their portfolios. “This point, together with the profitability BRIG offers dealers, has helped us get off to a relatively quick start this year,” said Tomkies.

In terms of service, BRIG USA maintains a world-class level of support including customer service, sales, marketing, accounting, dealer development, sales support, and administration.

For dealer inquiries please contact: Boyd Tomkies | 954-692-8335 |

This article was originally published in the April 2020 edition of Soundings Trade Only. Read it here

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