Hauling and Launching a Rigid Inflatable Boat – BRIG

Rigid Inflatable boats are different in almost every way from traditional fiberglass, aluminum or wood vessels. This is also the case when trailering a RIB as these vessels are far more lightweight than their more conventional competitors. Since most RIBs are designed to be moved from location to location and from storage to water and…
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BRIG Navigator Series – A Better RIB Design

Every rigid inflatable boat has a mission beyond staying afloat which is true about the BRIG Navigator series. The creation and development of this vessel had a very defined purpose that ex-military, aeronautical engineers and marine professionals aimed to serve. The mission? Build an ultra stable boat that offers unmatched safety that merges with high-tech…
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Requirements for Vessel Documentation

Vessel Registration Numbers, Documented Vessel Name & Hailing Port Vessels may only be identified as either a Federally Documented Vessel or a State Registered Vessel When a vessel becomes federally Documented, the State Registration letters and numbers must be removed. The State Validation Sticker showing proof of paying sales tax may still be displayed on…
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Choosing the Right BRIG For a Yacht

Most yacht owners learn quickly they will need a quality tender to take them from anchor to shore. But this can’t just be any little boat – This watercraft has to meet the yacht’s size requirements, and it has to look good at the same time. Tenders are an extension of an owner’s yacht. Not…
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Rigid Inflatable Boats – Tenders and so Much More

When the conversation about tenders comes up among boaters, the visuals of inflatable boats come to mind. A tender is designed to service a bigger vessel, typically, and helps passengers and guests go from larger ship to shore, for things like snorkeling, swimming, gunkholing and more. While BRIG has smaller sized rigid inflatable boats that…
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